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User Friendly, Ideal for Kids and Pets, Easy to Clean “mosquito killer” that keeps your family safe

Protecting over 8,000+ American homes

Protecting over 8,000+ American homes

Silent Operation

Eco Friendly

Child Safe

No Smoke or Chemicals

Advanced UV light

Protect Your Family is here to help you protect yourself and your family by efficiently clearing your household rooms of these common insect pests.

Mosquitoes carry many diseases such as malaria, zika, and others, which are very dangerous to the human body, especially babies, infants, and pregnant women. To protect yourself and your family, use Mosskitos; it will help to clear your living space from insects.

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Small but Powerful

We can easily handle the volume you need for your business or government and accommodate your acquisition process.

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Quiet Comfort – Silent Operation

No more waking up because of annoying mosquito bites. Sleep tight because Mosskitos not only traps mosquitos but is also silent-running.

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About the unique, friendly & scientifically-developed “mosquito killer” that keeps your family safe

best mosquito killer
“I bought it for our bedroom. The is very effective. Easy to use - turn it on and let it work!"​
Mia Betty
best mosquito killer
“Great product. It took only six days to arrive. My small flat used to have a lot of mosquitoes, but after using Mosskitos, there are none."
Timothy Goodman
best mosquito killer
"We hold 35 devices throughout our retail store. There are not alternatives for these mosquito killers. This is simply the best device with tons of pros and zero cons."
Adam Stone